In the spirit of resolutions, consider what super powers you want to possess most. It’s fun to imagine what life would be like if it was just a bit easier, if we could combine our talents, to create something life-changing. Today, I challenged my kids to imagine those unimaginable super powers. Check out our superhero identities with this printable.

UntitledConsider what talents you already possess and if it is possible to put together your own superhero team to accomplish something really great. Who knows? You could think really BIG and begin turning the wheels of change within our community. We don’t really need super powers of the imaginary kind – we’ve already been given amazing gifts.

Students began by laying the foundation for their 3D super hero by painting the skin color, clothing, and cape colors. Our peg super heroes were set aside to dry. Our pegs were purchased in bulk HERE.

UntitledFour small slits will be the foundation of magic in our later city scene. However, now the focus is on simple squares and rectangles. Lay them in a certain pattern and they quickly take on the shape of a city skyline. Add a little blue sky and your picture already commands attention.

UntitledComic book super heroes aren’t complete without their sound effects. A little pop art with block letters and bold colors make the perfect addition to this simple skyline. Since today’s lesson is partly about 3dimensional art, a small accordion fold on the back of our exclamations further accentuate the “pop” of our heroes.

UntitledBack to our peg doll super heroes. After having allowed the first layer of paint to dry, now is the time to create a mask and/or headpiece, add a super hero symbol, and any other pertinent details to make our hero come to life. Students were given the choice to use paint or permanent markers for these details.

Who doesn’t love the Marvel and DC superheroes? I was so excited to have found this download of familiar yet super sweet childlike heroes. Are you able to narrow your favorites to just two or three? Cutting them out with a small white border not only makes cutting these small shapes more possible, but also adds to their “pop” factor. The little mysterious slits we made at the beginning now get inverted and become the perfect platform for our cut out superheroes. Seriously cute, right?! (Our superheroes are sized to a little less than 2″.)

Set your painted superhero in front of your skyline and he takes center stage in this super hero lineup.

Check out our super hero scenes. A little paper, some basic color and simple shapes, along with a few well placed 3D images and our scene comes to life.

UntitledPinterest is bursting with superhero ideas. Check out my board HERE for a few of my favorites.

What super powers, imagined or already possessed, will you use today to make the world around you better? Here’s to wishes for a fantastic 2016!

This Superheroes Page Kit was used in the photo collages.

***EDIT: I have a few extra packets for this class. If you didn’t register and would like to do the lesson, there are a limited number available for $4 each.